Terms & Conditions

The delivery agreement is as follows:

Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us and we will do whatever we can to make our customers happy as long as it doesn’t endanger the driver, truck, the customer, or their property. In order to prevent any such damage below are a list of potential conditions that can prevent us from dropping material when/where requested or in the manner requested:

–  Low hanging trees or power lines can be damaged or damage the truck when the bed is lifted and can inhibit the ability to dump or tailgate spread in a specified area. An alternate dump location will need to be decided upon.
–  Soft or wet ground can cause the very heavy truck, loaded with material, to damage the landscape or get stuck. If our vehicle gets stuck on your property we would not only charge you to have our truck pulled out, but it might also damage your property in the process and we would not be liable. Therefore during times of rain or excessive moisture deliveries may need to be delayed, rescheduled or an alternative dump location decided upon.
–  We will not encroach upon another’s property in order to delivery material to you without the written consent and presence of that property owner at the time of delivery.  That owner will need to agree to the same delivery agreement or an alternate dump location decided upon.
–  Driveways, sidewalks, and curbs can be damaged by being driven over by heavy vehicles. We will not do so without your consent and we will not be responsible for any damage done by doing so.
–  We will deliver to sites where no one is present to sign for the delivery, provided that permission to do so is discussed, agreed upon, and payment has been received, unless conditions listed above are present. If we are unable to delivery after making you aware of the above listed conditions, you will still be charged for the delivery. Time and fuel are our greatest expense and are not predicated on dropping the material. If we are required to return at a later time or date you will incur additional charges for delivery and handling of material.